Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One of Many

There is an illness we try to hide
Locked in generations and hidden by pride
A family is devastated and does not understand 
While older members prefer to pretend
A torture and peril rips through the soul
Leaving emptiness, void of a goal
Still generations live on--

But eyes are opened by one that sees
Inquisitive, troubled victim is she
To explore and understand
To somehow comprehend
What is this illness
That destroys the brain
Leaving sorrow, anger and pain--

Surely there is an answer somewhere
Surely there is a reason for despair
But why does a family continue to retreat 
Behind the walls of facades and defeat 
To rise above and live beyond
This meddlesome, troublesome thorn in the side
This is the goal
A new generation holds--

To conquer, to prevail, to achieve
To be as normal as normal can be 
To live with the illness
But not to succumb
To have open eyes 
To recognize the signs
This is the attitude
Of a new generation
To function, to be--contributors in society--

Mental illness exists; this is true
But survivors are many
Productive souls need not hide
Beneath fallacies, masks and lies
Society shuns the sick and oppressed
Victims strive for success
But a world has its norms
New shoes must be worn
God forbid there be an aberrant--

Hell, I am what I am
And what I am ain't bad
For I am me--a soul with purpose
An individual with a goal
I seek truth
I strive for happiness
And God willing I too will be successful
In a world that demands conformity--

I cannot alter who I am
But I can help people to understand
This illness we too often try to hide
That is locked in by generations and hidden by pride
God willing I will succeed
For I am an envoy for those who still bleed!

Note:  This resulted from my first hospitalization suffered August 18, 1981. My eighteenth birthday was August 15, 1981.

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