Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Old Man

Old man sittin' in the street
Why you lookin' at me?
Do you know more than I?
Can you see it all through your eyes?

What have you experienced?
What have you seen?
Tell me your story
Share it with me
I have the education...
I have the degree,
But you have the wisdom of life and the knowledge that time only renders.
Won't you share it all?
Won't you share it with me?
Can't you see I need... to know
Please... hear me.

He pauses from his gaze and he looks me straight in the eye.
He tells me Life is beautiful.
Live it day by day.
For in living day by day,
You'll understand all that once you did not...
The branch: that stems to the future.
The road that leads to eternal peace.
And as the flowers of life unfold,
You'll see Heaven spelled in gold.

I turn to thank the Old Man for the wisdom that he has shared,
But he is no longer there
His words; however, become engraved in my mind
Words to be shared with all mankind!

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