Friday, March 10, 2017

Creating A Portfolio

When I was foreclosed on in July, 2010, but I did not move from my home until July, 2011 and moved to an apartment where a 38 year old fella allowed me to sublet a room.  I threw out much of my remaining things.  Including awards from Senator Debbie Stabenow, Congressman Mike Rogers, Bill Rodgers, and Representative Cindy Denby.  I also discarded my Michigan Works plaque. Eventually even all the articles I wrote, I threw out.

When I was sixteen, I won an Award for the Voice of Democracy Contest called "My role in America's Future."  I came in second at the local level in Royal Oak and received a framed award from Senator Hoffman and I forget the second person listed.  I also received a $500.00 bond while my parents and I attended a dinner hosted by the VFW post.  I no longer have anything showing this either.

My high school diploma was discarded as well as my Associate Degree from Oakland Community College in Business Administration.  Additionally, I no longer have proof of my Eastern Michigan University B.S. in English, language and literature.  I guess I could re-order all of these.

Of all these things, I pitched, the ones I miss the most are the articles I wrote for many newspapers in Livingston County and the Milford Times.  I am trying to reassemble a portfolio by going on the internet to print some that are on the internet, but most are on microfilm, in boxes or just plain lost.  I am not letting this setback discourage me as I know I can reassemble some of these things, it will just take time.

On July 3, 2011, I did one of my most challenging things and I played a song I wrote to educate our young about WWII and the aftermath.  I received a trophy, $25.00, a t-shirt and my picture in our local Fowlerville News and Views.

That same year, I attended a Poetry Slam and had the honor of meeting Natasha T. Miller.  I cited a couple of my poems there, even though I did not win, I was pleased I had the courage to try.  I plan to do this again.

I am grateful that I have most of my photographs.  I distributed bags of photos to my two kids and my ex-husband while saving some for myself.  All of these things should help in writing my book.  I am enjoying life once again.

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