Sunday, January 8, 2017

Life's Curves Reaction to Real Life and Death

When I was hospitalized at Beaumont Hospital at the age of eighteen an older women named Anna was choking on her food.  I performed the heimlich maneuver and she was okay.  The staff did not realize she was choking.  It was my first hospitalization when they thought I had schizophrenia.  My current diagnosis is bipolar.  I do not understand why I later reacted differently to other situations.

When my son was choking on a fishbone and turned blue.  My ex-husbands finger was too big.  So I did a baby finger sweep and unlodged the bone from my sons throat.  He is now 23.

When a women in 2011 swallowed bleach and alcohol, instead of calling 911, I called community mental health and they told me to call 911.

I was foreclosed on in 2011 and was subletting a room from this fella and he died. His leg fell off the bed and he was dead.  I called a relative to ask what I should do and she said, "do nothing," so I did nothing for two hours and fell asleep.  I then called 911 at 4:00 am and told them my roommate was dead.  Clearly the last two responses were wrong.  I don't know why I reacted this way.  I am trying to figure it out.

When a girl got her finger stuck at the library when the door hit her and she was bleeding from the finger. I wrapped her finger and told the mother to take her to the doctor.

When my own son caught his finger in my door on the minivan, I reported to the school where I was scheduled to substitute teach that I had to leave.  I took my son to the doctor and he relieved the pressure with a needle and x rayed the finger and though the tip was broken he said it would heal just fine.

When a teenager fell and her arm was broken at a fourth of July celebration, I talked to her to keep her calm though her bone was protruding from her forearm. I had someone call 911 and directed the individual by siting our location at the park.  The police arrived shortly after.

I am normally calm in situations by I was surprised by reaction to both the bleach incident and the corpse.  I want to return to being me.

When a fight broke out in an elevator, I called the police.  I also called a worker from our building as it was past hours and the situation was handled.

When a women was bleeding from her arm after a IV was removed from kidney dialysis.  I wrapped her arm using a first aid kit at the building.

I need to realize how to stay calm again. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mother and Mickey

I plan to write this year about the humor in my life.  There really has been a lot of that although I forgot because I was sad last year.  You see having a disability doesn't allow you to be critical of others.  I have more empathy for people, but I digress.  I remember one year my mother was attending a funeral.  First we walked into the wrong funeral parlor.  She was introducing herself when someone suggested the other room.  When we entered that room she went to view the body.  She said my he looks so much like Mickey, her friend.  She was telling everyone in the room how much he looked like Mickey.  Turns out when we got home someone informed her it was Mickey, she thought the body was the father of Mickey.