Monday, July 18, 2016


If heartache wrote the story than surely I've seen my share, but I'm an eternal optimist and still believe in prayer.  It does not mean my faith is in tact only that I still believe that when my life is complete, God will have a better life for me.

I have no complaints in the life I've had thus far, as I am doing far better than many that I know.  I never took the vow of charity and poverty that the Daughters of Charity took who raised me, but it seems this was the path laid before me unless I have sudden success, as I am an Irish girl I laugh beneath my breath for most likely my success will be posthumously if at all.

At least, I enjoy the process of writing and have enjoyed some journalistic notoriety.  The biggest joy; however, remains in the fact that I have been able to reach a few people and teach them the skills they seek, some cannot read or do simple math, others lack confidence and I am able to listen.  I may not don the Habit, but I do try to be charitable.  My personal life strays from the Church, but I am happy.