Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Madeleine's Manuscripts: Global Tel Link Is A Racket

Madeleine's Manuscripts: Global Tel Link Is A Racket: I received a letter from my son today who should be hospitalized, instead, he is sitting in jail deteriorating as I write this blog.  His l...

Madeleine's Manuscripts: The Hands of Prayer

Madeleine's Manuscripts: The Hands of Prayer: If heartache wrote the story, then surely I've seen my share, but I am an eternal optimist and still believe in prayer.  It does not me...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shadow Soldiers

Have you ever seen a soldier cry or wiped a tear from his eye? Was his face resolute void of emotion? Were his eyes distant and his dreams dashed? To heal the soldier from within just observe the actions, don't question why. You see it is time for a river to flow. Our wounded warriors are coming home with broken limbs and painful minds where time has taken them in a far off wind. The soldiers here who cannot fight because their preordained by God as Sensitive Soldiers who feel the pain who cannot bear arms because of the disdain. The ones who remember humanity and cringe at the destruction of Terracotta and cry for the youth once enjoyed, but never let go of the setting sun because of the way life begun.  Tears of snowcaps engulf the World because babies cry while their parents die.  A motherless girl who envisioned the world peacefully, lost her innocence in burgundy skies when hilltops shed the wounded and the dead.  Visionary dreamer feels obliged by her upbringing and her place to expound the knowledge gained or is it the rambling of one insane that longs for peace in a world of hate?