Saturday, December 11, 2010

Realities of War

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I remember being on the second floor of the VA hospital in Allen Park.  A young man had no arms or legs, I was no older than 12.  He had a sheet on him that barely covered his torso--no one was tending to him.  Let us never forget any veteran in any country.  The realities of war are horrific. 

My own father suffered for years beyond WWII and was a lifelong member of Disabled American Veterans.  He passed away in a Detroit VA hospital.  I grew up in orphanage because both my parents had disabilities.  Let us honor Liu Xiaobo who was granted the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in China. He is a voice for democracy.  He is a peaceful demonstrator.  He is currently imprisoned.

Trade agreements must be struck that will not oppress.  We must help the less fortunate. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reflections On Growing Old

I cannot utter what my mind desires to say

My lips are parched for words today

You offer a compassionate smile

I cannot respond

You continue, however, to work on

You look among my clothes, the outfits of my wardrobe

And select an attire you feel befits me

Still I thank you not

You bathe me and comb my hair

You make my bed and feed me

And yet, I say nothing

At times you are frustrated

I offer no sympathy

Your work goes on

If, however, you could but see

The youth I once used to be

A thousand words of gratitude would fall from my lips.

*written when I was working at a nursing home