Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Quill

Life offers many opportunities to explore the thoughts and ideas of so many and provides the perfect platform for writing.  I have been blessed with the writer's quill to log not only my own journey, but to explore the arts with the written word.  To learn to navigate the world despite my hardships is the blessing I have been given.

Currently, I am not wealthy, but I hope one day that some will read my writing and find enjoyment in some of what I have written.  My quill sometimes pauses, but I never stop searching my world for thoughts that will entertain the observer at large.  Recently, I took a dive off the deep end, but it seems I am now left with fertile ground to reach others who are facing their own struggles.  I get blue, but I try to raise my voice to help others.  Some journeys must be taken alone, but to find the path that Robert Frost alluded to fills my mind with endless possibilities to venture with a new eye.

I have strolled two walks in life and can better understand F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby because of my own experiences.  I refuse to be a second class citizen in my America.  I want to once again spread my wings and fly, but not having a car poses more difficulties than even I imagined.  I am an uprooted tree, but I will not give in for Maya Angelou states "here root yourself beside me I the Tree planted by the River, which will not be moved." I may be uprooted but the river still flows beneath me while youngsters may cross on my back as the log to the shore.  I have been blessed to have taught and have some of my work published.

My hope for every writer is that writing is always a pleasure and not a chore. Keep the quills moving and never be afraid of rejection.